Helping SaaS and Startups to build great software.


We have proven ourselves for clients across the United States, always providing top quality services and a constant, fast delivery. We have had a 100% success rate on the products our team has developed. Every single project started with our team is now in a production state, used by hundreds of thousands of users and our team is still being the only group used to maintain and support them.

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Our company is your one stop shop for developing complex software applications covering a wide range of engineering services. We have proven ourselves to deliver complex solutions, at a fast pace and constant quality.

softia staffing a hundred percent success rate

100% Success rate

All projects that Softia developed are still up and running

softia staffing cost saving

Cost saving

Softia can save you up to 40% of development overhead with our offshore teams. 

softia staffing guarantee


90 days trial period to evaluate and assess the team. If you don’t like a person in the team, we will replace them.

softia staffing high retention rate

High retention rate

In business this is very important; Softia managed to have a very high retention rate, for employees and clients as well.


Happy Clients

Zero to hero projects

Daily users




Developing web & mobile applications using the latest technologies

Softia is your technical partner, helping your ideas reach cutting-edge web & mobile applications, approaching the latest technologies and software solutions for your business problems. We speak and write fluently in technologies like PHP, Javascript, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Python, or .NET.

Seamlessly integrating with your existing team by following the same project methodologies

Our engineers are always ready to join existing teams, adapt new processes and help our clients increase their engineering workforce. We help clients in need to either expand their current development teams or need additional modules in existing software applications. Our engineers have always been appreciated for fast response, good communication and well-spoken English.

Covering a wide range of solutions: Artificial Intelligence ; Internet Of Things ; FinTech ; PropTech ; E-commerce ; Communications

We take great pride in our team’s ability to deliver complex projects while learning how to discover innovation opportunities, leverage new technologies, and deliver value to our clients that far exceeds our code. Our broad experience led us to numerous challenges we had to overcome. Softia’s engineering group is ready to provide the best advice and strategies to use for high-performance software solutions and approaches.

Providing cross-functional teams that can handle all aspects of developing a software product.

We provide every service a performant software application needs –  Product & Project Management, Business Analysis, UI/UX & Graphic Design, Software Engineering and Quality Assurance.

Our teams keep in contact with our clients on a daily basis, always asking for input or feedback and providing technical assistance.


Our company’s main goal is to always deliver and to become the technical partner behind your software. We help our clients’ businesses take off and help them bring their ideas to life with a variety of software solutions.

“For Startup founders who want to turn their idea into a successful software product.”

Our teams can offer the required consultancy and development work necessary for turning a simple but great idea into a successful software application.

“For SaaS which already have a strong product but have not quite solved their team challenges.”

At Softia you can find the cross-functional software development teams that you were always looking for, without the struggle of recruiting, collaborating with different companies and trying to keep the overhead low. 

“For Enterprises which are looking into expanding their existing development teams but don’t want to go through the process of creating an office in another country.”

We have intense experience in extending the already existing teams of enterprise software providers worldwide. Years later we’ve gathered enough expertise to handle the most complex projects and challenges. 


We would love to meet you and see if Softia can help you reduce overhead and make sure your product is always functional and updated. You can book a short meeting with us using the form below.